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Automotive Climate Control System

Your car’s internal heating and cooling system can make the difference between a comfortable ride and an unbearable one. With that in mind, every car owner wants their vehicle’s HVAC system to operate as it should.

Most people may not think a broken AC or heating system is not too big a deal. However, personal comfort isn’t the only purpose of this system. It can also help with clearing up fog or condensation on your windshield and side mirrors. This could be crucial in certain weather conditions and can make your drive safer. Additionally, faults within this system could stem from faults elsewhere, and faults with your heating system specifically could lead to further damage.

Most people might think that a fault with their cooling means a fault with their heating. However, this isn’t always the case. This is because, although they use the same control panel, they are two entirely different systems made up of different components. The heater uses hot engine coolant while the AC uses refrigerant.

Although two separate units, the air management system links them together. This system controls airflow, both hot and cold, into the cabin. If your vehicle’s cooling and heating system has started acting up, contact our team today. We’ll schedule an appointment at a time that suits you and inspect your system. Our certified mechanics have the skill and experience to diagnose the problem and resolve it before it leads to a bigger issue.

Issues With Your Cooling System

Like with any other part or system of your car, your AC system will show signs of faults over a period of time rather than just shutting down one day. There are several signs that indicate your air colling system needs to be repaired, and knowing these signs means you can catch the issue early on instead of allowing it to stem into a more expensive and severe problem. 

Signs To Look Out For:

  • Weakened Air Flow
  • Unusual Noises Or Smells When The System Is Running
  • Warmer Air Than Usual
  • Leaks In Your Dashboard

Leaks are the most common cause for your A/C system to be acting up. However, this doesn’t mean you can anatomically assume this is the cause when your system does start to malfunction. Other causes include a broken cooling fan, an electrical problem. Or even a problem with the compressor or condenser. To pinpoint the cause of the issue accurately, you should schedule an inspection of your vehicle’s system.
The best way to ensure your AC system works when you need it most is to have your vehicle inspected right before the summer season hits. Scheduling an inspection for your vehicle means you won’t have to worry about your AC malfunctioning during the hot Texan summer.

Additionally, if your air cooling system is blowing hot or even warm air, this could be a sign that further damage is imminent. Warm air is a sign your A/C compressor needs replaced. When this compressor fails, it can send pieces of metal throughout the system and lead to more extensive damage.

Issues With Your Heating System

Much like your AC system, your car’s heating system will also show signs that point towards repairs being necessary. A broken heater is a larger cause for concern than a broken air conditioner. Not only because heating problems could lead to further damage, but also because your heating system is critical in the winter periods. Frost and ice can pose a serious hazard when driving, and your heating system can help eliminate these problems.

Signs To Look Out For:

  • The inside of your windows starts to fog up.
  • Sweet Smells – this is a sign your heater core has a problem.
  • Your vehicle is overheating.
  • Your System Is No Longer Producing Warm/Hot Air.

There are several reasons why your heating system may not be functioning as it once did. A clogged heater core or a faulty thermostat are just two causes of faults within your system. Your car could also be experiencing a leak in the cooling system or could have low levels of anti-freeze.

Additionally, a blower fan may not be functioning correctly. No matter the reason, “A” Quality Mobile is here to help. Whether you’ve noticed signs of a failing system or want to be prepared for the season ahead and schedule your system for a check, you can always rely on our trusted mechanics.

Trust “A” Quality Mobile Service for All of Your Inspection Needs!

If your car’s heating and cooling systems start to act up, you shouldn’t put off repairs. Not only because it can cause you discomfort during your drive, but also because a properly functioning HVAC system can keep other components of your car running smoothly.

A broken or faulty heating system could affect your vehicle’s engine, and although a broken heater may not be your biggest concern comfort wise during the summer, it can cause your engine to overheat, and your car may break down. Additionally, regular maintenance of your A/C system will reduce the risk of your compressor failing.

Make sure you are prepared to brave the cold winter nights or the long summer days by scheduling your vehicle for an inspection. Our certified mechanics at “A” Quality Mobile are here to help. With years of experience under our belt, we have the skill and know-how to carry out thorough inspections and repair jobs on all aspects of your vehicle’s heating and cooling system.

What’s more, “A” Quality Mobile brings its service to you! When you call us, you won’t have to spend valuable time and money calling a tow truck or driving your car to a mechanic. Instead, our mobile operations mean we can come right to your home for your convenience.

Furthermore, our experienced mechanics will provide you with a free quote so you can know exactly what to expect from our services. Get in touch with our team via our website or by calling (832)-275-8051 and schedule your vehicle’s inspection today!