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Car Won’t Start

There could be several reasons why your car won’t start. Regardless of the cause, you want to get your car fixed ASAP while also diagnosing the problem. Here at AQM we specialize in providing emergency service for your vehicles when you need us the most! We also provide free estimates and diagnosis on the spot. Many people usually jump to the conclusion that the reason why their car won’t stop is because of the battery. However, it can be for a number of reasons. Therefore, AQM makes mechanic services more convenient on the go! If you are having issues with your vehicle starting, give us a call at (832)-275-8051 immediately!

Out of Gas

Maybe you were a little to in tuned to the radio or your thoughts and forgot to stop and get gas on your way to work and didn’t notice the warning. Mistakes happen, and truthfully you may prefer to have a simple gas problem instead of the issue being more severe. Running out of gas is one of the leading reasons individuals have issues with their vehicle stalling.

Battery Issues

Another reason to your roadside inconvenience could be because of loose battery clamps. Living in cities like Houston, bumpy roads and potholes can loosen your battery. If you notice this issue, simply tighten them up and try once again. If you that doesn’t work then the battery most likely needs further repair.

Dirty terminals can also result in irregularities with your battery. Therefore, green and white substances around your battery posts can cause the connection to weaken. If you are experiencing issues such as these, our mechanics can assist you in cleaning the acidic substance with the proper tools.

If your vehicle still doesn’t start then it may be dead and you will need a replacement. This is not a problem for our AQM professionals, they can replace your battery or give you a jump. Give us a call if you are experiencing any of the following issues with your battery.

Issues with the Starter

Any time you start your vehicle, an electrical motor, known as the starter, is connected to the battery which cranks your engine. If it fails to respond, just clicks, or makes a horrible grinding sound, it is time to give us a call. We have the tools, resources, and connections to help get you the assistance you need. 

Transponder in Key is Broken

Modern vehicles today use a key type known as a transponder key. These keys typically are known as chip keys because of the information held in their head. Therefore, this type of key was invented to prevent vehicle theft. This key sends a signal to the receiver within the car and once the connection is made, the ignition will turn.

Furthermore, if the transmitter in the key is not working, then the receiver will not detect its signal. Therefore, your transponder key may be dead if it is not turning in the ignition. However, that may not be the reason behind your key not turning. Another cause can be because the steering wheel is locked. This is typically an easy fix if you turn your steering wheel in the direction of your keys while turning them at the same time.

Computer Glitches

With the rise of technology, many cars are built with advanced hi-tech computer software that is automatically built into the car. If the system if malfunctioning, you will need professional help immediately.

Issues with Fuel Filter

The primary goal of fuel filters is to catch any particles or impurities within the gasoline. Typically, it is located in the gas tank or the fuel line which is between the tank and engine. Therefore, if it is clogged, then the gasoline will not be able to reach the engine. Contact AQM if you are not sure as to why your vehicle is not starting, we are here to help!

Contact AQM

Don’t break the bank getting your vehicle towed to a mechanic when we bring the mechanic to you. Since 2008, our professionals have provided emergency maintenance for vehicles all over the city of Houston and its surrounding areas. Our mechanics have over 20 years of experience in vehicle maintenance and have what it takes to provide the best service when you need it the most. All rates are bottom line with limited fees. Therefore, stop worrying, and let AQM ease your stress with our speedy service and professionalism!