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If you have ever been stranded on the side of the road, then chances are you’ve called a Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair. Whether you have a simple flat tire or a more serious engine problem, doing so is the best option. A mobile mechanic can come out to your location and diagnose the issue without any more inconvenience on your part. And, most of the time, the mechanic has the tools and equipment to fix the problem immediately. When you need a Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair, call Quality Mobile Service!

Our team comprises professional auto mechanics who have years of experience working on a full spectrum of makes and models. Furthermore, we have tools and equipment made that are of the best quality and made by brands you trust. Every car owner should go the extra mile to prevent car damage from happening. However, there are times when an unexpected issue comes up. If that happens to you, call Quality Mobile Service; we will come to your location!

Services performed by Quality Mobile Service

Diagnostic and Maintenance

Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair
We are your Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair!

The key to keeping your vehicle in pristine working order and safe for the roads is getting regular maintenance and inspections. Doing so allows your mechanic to keep you informed about the state of your vehicle. Their diagnostic services could save you more money in the long run just by recognizing a problem.

As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to keep your vehicle working and to recognize the signs that your car needs a maintenance job. Every part of your car works together to get you safely from one place to the next, from the brakes to the suspension system. Don’t underestimate the importance of maintenance.

At Quality Mobile Service we understand that people get busy, and the important ‘to do’ items fall by the wayside. When this happens, and you don’t have time to come to an auto repair shop, give our team a call. We will come out to your location at a scheduled time and give your vehicle a tune-up. It’s as easy as making a phone call!

Engine and Exhaust

Your car’s exhaust system protects you and your passengers from toxic fumes that burn off while the car is on. This system is a connection of pipes that run from the front of your car to the back, where those fumes are pushed out through an exhaust pipe. Prior to exiting that pipe, these fumes go through a unique filtration process that reduces the amount of air pollution it puts out. Make no mistake, the proper operation of your exhaust system is crucial to the safety of yourself and those around you.

So, how do you know if your exhaust system needs a check-up? Plain and simple, listen for noises and pay attention to odd smells when you accelerate. If your exhaust system is malfunctioning, the check engine light might also turn on. These are all indications that your car needs a mechanic to examine it as soon as possible.

If your vehicle is having issues with the exhaust system, it might also begin to exhibit engine problems. There are many reasons this could happen, like a clogged fuel filter or ignition switch failure. When your vehicle is not properly maintained, the engine will eventually give out. If you see steam coming from underneath the hood or hear weird noises, don’t hesitate to contact a certified mechanic.

Steering and Suspension

Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair
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Every vehicle’s steering and suspension systems work together to keep your vehicle stable and ready for the road. Without both in safe working order, the vehicle will be uncontrollable and can put you in a dangerous situation. The suspension of your vehicle can be damaged or forced off-kilter when you drive over roads that are bumpy, have deep potholes, or are in bad condition. Over time, these road conditions will take a toll on the suspension and can put you in harm’s way.

Avoiding this is crucial. If you begin to notice uneven tire wear, oil on the shocks, or that your car is unstable and drives unevenly, it is imperative to call a mechanic right away. If the suspension is less than operational, the steering system will be as well. Power steering is a standard feature that all modern cars come equipped with. When that goes out, you will be straining at the wheel, trying to keep your car from going off the road or hitting other vehicles. Don’t put yourself at risk; if you suspect there are issues with your vehicle or are constantly driving on bumpy roads, it can’t hurt to get an inspection of your suspension and steering systems.

Brake Inspection or Replacement

The brakes on your vehicle are there to bring your car to a full and safe stop, even from high speeds. Having a braking system that works is important because it keeps you safe on the road. Yet, all too often, drivers ignore the warning signs that eventually lead to brake failure.

Most mechanics will recommend getting a brake job at least twice a year. During an inspection, they will check the hydraulic fuel levels, wear and tear on the rotors and pads, and leaks in the brake hoses. Ignoring indications that your brakes need repair can be deadly and costly. Fixing the problem now is the all-around better solution.

Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair

Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair
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For more information about Quality Mobile Service, our services, or our location, visit our website! There you can also receive a complimentary quote. When you call our team for emergency roadside assistance, rest assured we will be there. Quality Mobile Service provides trustworthy Houston TX Mobile Auto Repair.

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